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Are we better with… less?

The Minimalists: Less Is Now | Official Trailer | Netflix

Throughout our married life, my wife and I have always teetered on this balance of “less” and how our lives might be better without all the stuff. In fact, we even downsized a handful of years ago with our two sons from about 1,700 SF to less than 900 SF in order to try and “force our hands” into this idea. We had our third son there as well but had the opportunity to move into a bit better location and “bigger” house and took advantage of it a couple of years later.

We had this idea dream that we would be able to keep less things even with a bigger space. Well, that wasn’t really the case. Life was feeling full, chaotic, and stressful – even in our own space – and we knew there was a major theme happening.


So, we began talking through this idea of decluttering our minds and lives of the STUFF that was consuming us (mentally and physically). We caught the newest film from The Minimalists and have been deciding what really adopting this idea would mean for us. What we really hold as value. What STUFF is really taking the place of our time, energy, joy, and possibility.

We knew we needed to feel better. Be happier. Be more present. We also knew that, looking around, we had built an environment that was not allowing us the freedom of the life we aspired to lead.

We have debt.

We have clutter.

We have addictions to technology and to work.

We have all the excuses in the world to not make any changes.

That all is ending and 2021 was the perfect year to begin.

STUFF comes in many shapes and forms and it is going to be different for everyone. For us? It came down to the STUFF on on phones, in our closets, garage, bank accounts, etc…

We made a HUGE goal of squashing most of our debt in this calendar year, to budget our spending, to really buy what we need and experience what we want. Hell, we looked around and saw all the STUFF we had accumulated and the debt it all caused and finally just asked ourselves: WHY??

So, 2021 is the time. The time for US. We understand and respect that this has to be calculated. Adopted. Completely bought in to so that once we are done with declutter that it doesn’t become clutter again.

We have already made what feels like huge progress towards our goals and we are asking ourselves everyday:

What are we doing RIGHT THIS SECOND to help us achieve our goal of life?

We see financial and life freedom at the end of this tunnel and we can taste it.

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