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Are You Willing?

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”

No one really knows where this quote came from. For a long time, people pinned it to Thomas Jefferson but studies have never found any proof of that. I had never heard this quote before my high school days and it will be ingrained in my DNA until I die.

It seems like everyday that goes by, I get brought back to this quote and that there is more to unpack each day. My high school soccer coach, Coach Rose, brought this to a team meeting. We had shirts made. It was on the wall. It was said on the bus. It ended up being our “play like a champion today” statement.

It’s funny how life circulates.. For the past week or so, I’ve been making myself answer this simple question:

“Are you willing?”

Am I willing to get better everyday?

Am I willing to be available and say yes to my kids?

Am I willing to set a high bar with my next career choice and go for it?

Am I willing to continue my health journey the entire way?

Am I willing to push those hard miles on the bike when my body tells me no?

Am I willing?

I will tie this back into our conversation a few days ago about community. As you probably know, sometimes the best way to stay accountable and engaged in what you are chasing after is to surround yourself with like thinkers. With people that will challenge you. That will call you out. That can help you along the way. That can teach you things you did not know. That you can look up to. Be mentored by.

Sometimes these are people that are around you physically but sometimes they are authors, podcast hosts, instagram accounts, or other. That is exactly what I have been doing in the past few months.

All that is left is to execute the plan.

Maybe it was Chadd Wright. Maybe it was Jesse Itzler. Maybe it was someone else but someone said that really all that is left is to execute the plan. It’s simple. Then, I heard Josh LaJaunie say the other day that “it’s not a mystery” and that you either do it or you don’t.

What are you chasing? Opening a new business? A new fitness goal? Want to lose weight? Maybe get out of debt?

Are You Willing?

Are you willing to do the work? To chase after the details that others aren’t willing to do? Are you willing to do something you have never done to achieve a result you have never achieved?

Be willing. Do the work. Don’t disappoint tomorrow with bad decisions today. Surround yourself with people that can prop you up and keep you accountable — no matter if that is through Instagram, podcasts, books, your local running or cycling community, your coffee shop…. whatever!

Details matter most. Doing things right because you should matters.

Keep it up. 2020 is weird but we can end this year stronger and healthier than ever! We have 115 days left in this year. This is my public “I AM WILLING” statement to finish stronger than ever. 115 days. That’s it. We can do this.

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