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Babylon, Belmont, and the banner years that followed.

Hey friends. It’s been awhile. There are lots of reasons that words seem to evade me these days but that’s another time and another post probably for an entirely different blog.

Before you read further, will you take 4 minutes and 29 seconds to watch David Gray sing? (Yes I know… it’s a Howard Stern clip. (As an aside) He has THE BEST music guests and quality on the internet right now. Prove me wrong.)

You watch it? That song was off David Gray’s 1998 album White Ladder. It was then re-released a few years later which gets us to June 0f 2000. Another side note – this album then went Platinum in January of 2021. (thanks to Wikipedia for those stats).

Now why in the HELL am I writing about David Gray and some corny late 90’s song with keyboards in it on a blog that I told you was about coffee and entrepreneurship and stories about this coffee shop I used to own called EVOKE and maybe city planning stuff and bicycles? Here is why.

When I graduated from Edmond Memorial High School in 2001, it was after this song had been huge for nearly a year. A song we all knew inside and out. One that played as I drove to soccer and friends houses and graduation and…. Nashville TN.

I was sitting around the kitchen tonight eating roasted potatoes and brussels when that song came on and there I found myself.. an incoming Freshman the summer before my first year at Belmont University as a Music Business Major. It was orientation and I was in Nashville meeting new folks and getting the lay of the land. We all were crowding in to the Auditorium for an evening session (probably of music and stories and instructions) and this song, BABYLON, was blasting through the sound system. I won’t ever forget it.

Do you know why experience is so important? Why the small details matter? Why letting the sound track of life and business play loud for all to hear? Because maybe.. just maybe.. it will lend itself as an unforgettable moment to someones ear.

David Gray’s song – of all songs – is that way for me. I never would have guessed when I was walking into that building, singing that familiar tune, how my time at Belmont and with those new friends would shape and change me forever.

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