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Before We Get To Far Along

Hey friends. I wanted to do a little housekeeping before we get to far along in all of this together! First, I’d love be a part of your social circles! Here is my info. We all communicate on different platforms so hopefully we are both on at least one of the following!


Man – can’t believe this is still as big of a deal as it was YEARS ago when I first joined. Well, I’m back on Twitter and would love to be on your list! You can get my updates be following @poursandpedals. I’ll look for you, too.


I’m also on Instagram! You can follow me, again, at @poursandpedals! Most of my posts are of coffee, bicycles / trail running, and family. It’s what I’m built on.


Yup. I use it. I like to be able to write articles and that sort of thing and Facebook seems good for that. Much of that will be moved over to this new blog but friend me anyway. It’ll be fun.


If you are looking for a more business type relationship – maybe this is the place to hook up. I’m down. Let’s do it! My profile can be found here.

So – there you have it. All the places to hear banter on coffee, small business, EVOKE, Downtown Edmond, the City of Edmond, city planning (which I’m learning more and more about!), and bicycles, running, family, camping, and the occasional van or landcruiser idea.

What did I miss? OH! You live in the Metro OKC? If you ever want to grab coffee, you can throw it on my calendar anytime!


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