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Believe it or not… this is OUR Downtown Edmond

It was late 2011 when we made the drive from Automobile Ally in Downtown Oklahoma City to Downtown Edmond – a drive that I knew was going to be such a waste of time. When we got into town, it was late in the afternoon and things were already shutting down for the day (maybe 4:30p or so?). Cool buildings and potential all over the place but no real life – at least not the street life we were hoping for.

Let me tell you something – that is not the case anymore.

I am sure you have heard about all the things that are happening in Downtown Edmond right now. When you think about the Central Business District, there is life all over the place!

My kids go to Russell Dougherty Elementary School in Downtown Edmond and last night they had their Fall Carnival – a time for all the kids to get together and act crazy and for parents to let it all happen. They closed the streets around the school this year which was 100% awesome.

As the two oldest were doing their thing and my wife Jenni was hanging with the youngest, I took a bit of a stroll from school, through Downtown Town proper and back. I do this nearly every night but something caught my soul this time around….

As I left the school grounds and walked next to my friend John’s Native Summit (Hurd and Broadway), I noticed that there just seemed to be a lot of folks hanging around. I quickly noticed that the horse drawn carriage was giving rides which is alway fun to see.

I turned left there and headed into the heart of town and then remembered that it was Ghost Tour night in the district. I kept walking… passing my friend (and Edmond’s Mayor) Darrell giving a bit of a ghost story. Then, I ran into my friend Jennifer (and Visit Edmond’s Executive Director) doing the same. It was great.

I looked across the street and saw my pal Ben in his bookstore so I scurried over for a hang with him and Boz to talk about fourth quarter retail, real estate and general banter as the blues tunes came floating down the sidewalk from the band at the bar down the street.

Here is the truth.. I KNEW this could be what Downtown Edmond’s future could look like. A place filled with vibrancy, liveliness, life…. Food and drink, retail, community services, residential and more. Believe it or not but this is just the beginning!

If you haven’t taken an evening walk through our District, please do it. Make it slow. Enjoy the sites and sounds. Talk to people. Get their stories. This is history being continued and there is so much to be a part of.

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