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Can I talk about ME for a minute?

This has been a tough year. It’s the truth. I can’t put my finger on why exactly but just one of those years that feels like a mental wall sit for days and days on end. I think some of it is leftover from the 2019 sale of EVOKE. I think some of it is a lack of focus and clarity on my health and fitness. I think some of it is a discomfort with the day to day of living in Oklahoma and a longing for mountains and more suitable weather.

I’ve had professional success. Had a chance to sit on boards and commissions. I’ve lost professional opportunity. I’ve applied at 100+ jobs with no responses. I’ve taken the road trip of a lifetime (which was incredible). I’ve watched my kids get better and better on their bicycles. I’ve watched my wife advance in her career as a leader in the OKC real estate world (which is also incredible).

The good has for sure out weighed the bad but it still has felt heavier than it should. Unclear maybe.

Truth is?

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are and I can’t do anything about the first 243 days of 2022. What I can do? Make the last 122 matter.

I turned 40.

Yep. I turned 40 on August 1st. I’m not a birthday guy so that isn’t really a big deal but it got me thinking that I am nearing the half way point of my life and, to be frank, just feel like I haven’t been truly living the way I know I can. I’m leaving opportunity and experience on the table. I need a change.

I need a change in mindset.

I need a change in mental scenery.

I need to smile more and worry less.

I need to get back to chipping away at my impossible.

I need to eat to fuel my body.

I need to create movement everyday to get my body back in healthy ways.

I need to sit and let my mind zero in.

I need to set some goals, create a plan and then chase after it.

Here is the plan and how I want to go about it.

I’m going to be pretty open and transparent here because, well, it is the reality of where I am and to get where I’m going, you have to just get off the couch and get started.

The Goal: To be able to say YES when asked.

My goal is not really weight based (although that is a measurement) but more to be able to react when I get invited to do things – by my friends, family, or whomever. To be able to run that 5k, half marathon, 50K… to be able to knock out that 30 mile gravel ride, 100 mile tour, full mountain bike day in the mountains.. To do a multi day hike or feel comfortable hitting the river…

To say yes.

In order to do that, I for sure need to shed some pounds. So, that looks like shedding my current 234 pounds (the most I’ve EVER weighed) to 195 pounds but, more importantly, to move everyday without excuse.

The plan and the team.

I can’t do this by myself so the plan is in place to help me chip away at this goal over the next year.

I have enlisted the help of Ryan Baggett – a Registered Dietitian (RD) & Sports Dietitian (CSSD) for @redcoyoterunning in Edmond and Oklahoma City. She is helping me understand the science of fueling my body for success and – honestly – it’s hard. I’m a plant fueled athlete so being sure I am on top of the proper nutrients, caloric intake (which I am bad at), and those sorts of things to help build muscle while getting a bit leaner is important.

My workouts have been powered by MTNTough. I’m a week into this program and it’s kicking my ass in the garage five days per week. This, along with getting back on the gravel and mountain bike and hitting the trails by foot will fuel my movement. I also plan to ensure I am getting enough steps per day and staying as mobile as possible with stretching.

I’m signing up for events. It’s been awhile. While I’m still pretty timid with big group things – I know it is an important step in all of this. So, my wife Jenni and I have decided to put our name in the hat for some upcoming things. We are doing this together.

In March of 2023, we will put in for a spot in The Mid South 50K Run. We also plan to hit the Lake McMurtry Orange Dirt Trail Series in October of this year. I have put my name on the list for at least one gravel ride in September – a fondo distance that shouldn’t put to much pressure on me as I work my way back into the group a bit. There will be more but this is a start!

They say it is best to create a goal, set a plan and then focus on the process. That is what I am going to do.

This might not be scientific (cause, you know, I am just a coffee guy) but my happiness is directly related to how I feel and I feel much better the healthier I am and the more I am able to say YES to the outdoors, adventure and “impossible” things.

This year is about that. Success will be defined by the adventures I take and it will for sure be slower than I want. I am ready for the ups and downs and to trust the process.

Let’s do this.

If you want to follow along – join me on STRAVA and GARMIN. I’ll post activity from trail runs, hikes and rides there.

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