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Our Mona Lisa. The Crown Jewel. The Coffee Super Charger. EP Build #24.

Back in 2011, we began talking to our now great friends at Espresso Parts about a custom espresso machine and grinder kit for the new EVOKE in Downtown Edmond. The design of our shop was going to be pretty minimal and we wanted a statement “art” piece to really stand out. We knew they would deliver something incredible. (from a 2015 post over at “This custom project takes us back to 2012 and this stunning build for our good friends at Cafe Evoke, Oklahoma City, OK. Trailblazers in the specialty coffee scene of Oklahoma City, Cafe Evoke put “The Big…

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The symphony of coffee.

There is something special about coffee. Look around your local coffee spot and you’ll see what I mean. They are vibrant, energized, and unavoidable for most people. But there is something more and as I keep reflecting back on my time in the cafe each day, it is yet another thing that can’t be replaced. We are all a part of it and, to me, it is something that makes the entire cafe experience work. You may not even realize it but you’d miss it if is wasn’t there. It’s the symphony of coffee. Take this journey with me. Each…


Just something pretty to hold your coffee

In 2019, we set out to do something we hadn’t done since we opened.. That was to get away from the rubber stamp on each take away cup and into something that would be a HUGE statement on the sidewalk as people left the shop. I loved this project and I think Scott Hill did an incredible job bringing it to life. A Little History – Cool? In 2011, we had this idea with our first NotNeutral order to have each size of cup (espresso, capp, latte, mug) all carry a different colored logo out of our brand deck. I…


The tunes that made it all happen.

I think it was 2005. My wife Jenni and I had been working hard on the business plan for EVOKE. What was clear was that we needed to learn… alot.. about coffee. So, we loaded up and headed to Portland for a week at the American Barista and Coffee School (This would actually be a great stand alone post so I will talk WAY MORE on this in the coming days!). This was my first time in Portland. My first time to really engage with the national coffee scene. So many firsts! But, this post isn’t about business planning or…

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Why call it EVOKE?

The Definition Probably one of the questions I get more than any other is why we called it EVOKE. What does that even mean? Is that a good name for a coffee company? Coffee isn’t in the name….. I’ve heard it all! When we set out to build this company, we wanted it to mean more to people than just a place to grab a cappuccino or espresso. We wanted to challenge thought, action, and comfort when it came to ideas and creation. When we set out to build Cafe Evoke, we wanted it to feel different. There are actually…

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