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Believe it or not… this is OUR Downtown Edmond

It was late 2011 when we made the drive from Automobile Ally in Downtown Oklahoma City to Downtown Edmond – a drive that I knew was going to be such a waste of time. When we got into town, it was late in the afternoon and things were already shutting down for the day (maybe 4:30p or so?). Cool buildings and potential all over the place but no real life – at least not the street life we were hoping for. Let me tell you something – that is not the case anymore. I am sure you have heard about…

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I’m on the fence overlooking two green pastures… maybe.

On October 12th, the residents of Edmond, OK (well, at least 9% of them probably) will be hit the polls to vote YES or NO on a temporary tax increase. This tax will be used to purchase land that has long been the subject of pretty hot discussion. To develop or not? Commercial or residential? Those are the big things that always seem to be at stake with this piece of land just south of the City’s coveted Hafer Park. I’m on the fence. This post should be WAY more in depth than what I’m going to write but people…

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