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Wait! I have never talked to you about 1708?

On Sundays (ok, really it isn’t EVERY Sunday but we do try to make it a weekly thing), a group of us and our families meet at Arcadia Lake in Edmond for coffee and trail time. The organizer of this whole deal is my good friend Josh McCullock. Yesterday, as we were slow rolling at the vans getting ready to go ride a lady was talking to Josh and mentioned his office in The Plaza District. All of that to say…. I woke up last night with this strange thought that I have never told you about 1708 – our…

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It is funny how much more you remember when you begin to flip through the look book of time. That little spark that gets your heart and soul moving to a rhythm that you thought you had forgotten or that you didn’t even remember you ever had. I can see it in my own kids – my oldest and his memories of “the shop” and growing up full blown a coffee shop kid.. My middle with so many little memories of his older friends and drinking hot chocolate and collecting bottle caps.. My youngest who never really even knew life…

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But it wasn’t JUST iced tea.

“I won’t forget it when the gal came in just pissed about the tea and told me to my face across our little pastry case that “everyone hates you” and that we would fail. She was sure of it and she knew why it was going to happen: the iced tea and it’s lack of free refills all day.” We were a coffee company. We loved coffee and all the nuances and stories that made each cup special. Admittedly, we didn’t know as much about tea, it’s processes or what made each tea distinctly special. BUT – we had an…

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This is where YOU come in.

This year, I am allowing myself to be nostalgic which, if you know me at all, is something I’m pretty uncomfortable with. Call it living in the moment. Being unattached. I’m not sure. I have really been pushing myself to remember. To remember all the things we got to do at EVOKE – the euphoric highs and the really tough lows. The relationships that we made. The coffees we drank. The excitement that got me up at 5a nearly every day for so many years. To remember the people that made EVOKE what is it both behind the bar and…

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Keeping it Local in Oklahoma.

I think it was 2008.. maybe 2009? It was a time in Oklahoma City that mimicked spring. You could feel that something was ahead.. that good things were coming.. growth was inevitable.. We were operating EVOKE in the Plaza District – in a studio we shared with great friends Lindsey Gibson and Josh McCullock we called 1708. It was early and the survival tactic at the time for small businesses like ours was to collaborate and work together to help spread the word on what was good and what was coming. Keep it Local OK Cafe Evoke Feature My good…


Our Mona Lisa. The Crown Jewel. The Coffee Super Charger. EP Build #24.

Back in 2011, we began talking to our now great friends at Espresso Parts about a custom espresso machine and grinder kit for the new EVOKE in Downtown Edmond. The design of our shop was going to be pretty minimal and we wanted a statement “art” piece to really stand out. We knew they would deliver something incredible. (from a 2015 post over at “This custom project takes us back to 2012 and this stunning build for our good friends at Cafe Evoke, Oklahoma City, OK. Trailblazers in the specialty coffee scene of Oklahoma City, Cafe Evoke put “The Big…

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It was a time to celebrate so many things.

For some reason, I woke up to my wandering mind taking me back to May 31st, 2012. It was one month after opening EVOKE in Downtown Edmond and was the day of our official “Grand Opening”. We had planned for weeks and came up with a day full of all the good things we had been working towards for nearly 1o years actually happening. It was day one but also day 1,000. It was for us. The community. The crew that helped us open. It was for me as I sit here now. This party was going to be special…

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We wanted to create a place that takes you somewhere.

“We wanted there to be a story behind everything that we do” I came across the build out video we had our good friend Chris Fox film for us while we were working on EVOKE the other day and he gracious dug around for the full files for me. When I take the time to go back and rewatch this sort of thing, it brings back so many memories. I’ll keep this one. Go check out this video from the build out phase of EVOKE. What times.


It wasn’t a party without coffee. Right?

What is more “specialty coffee” than coffee catering? It was this time of year that each year that was the beginning of what I called the long season. While I loved the holidays, it also meant the start of 7 day work weeks that started crazy early and ended crazy late. (One of our custom built, folding coffee bars) EVOKE was built on a coffee catering platform and we loved doing it. We were good at it. We had it down to both an art and a science. We could get set up quickly. We could serve lots of drinks…

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