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Honestly? I’m sick and tired.

The truth? I’m sick of living in a town that refuses to install crosswalks in front of all community schools under some lame excuse of a “gap study”. I’m sick of living in a town full of parents advocating for child safety while running neighborhood stop signs, texting and driving, blocking what crosswalks we do have, and never yielding to pedestrians (even in front of schools). I’m sick of people thinking the answer to traffic in town is to add streets and lanes. I’m sick of people honking because I’m not walking fast enough across 5 lanes of traffic with…

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This is not the end of our story.

I talked a few days ago about this idea of living with less. A time to declutter physically but also mentally. Spiritually. Holistically. A chance to start anew and to really begin to feel the freedom to live out the life we have wanted to live. Dreamed to live. I don’t know where I heard it but through the noise of an afternoon at the house, I remember hearing this quote. It popped in my head so clearly and I’ve been trying to unpack it ever since. “This is not the end of your story.” Feeling stuck. At a dead…

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Are we better with… less?

Throughout our married life, my wife and I have always teetered on this balance of “less” and how our lives might be better without all the stuff. In fact, we even downsized a handful of years ago with our two sons from about 1,700 SF to less than 900 SF in order to try and “force our hands” into this idea. We had our third son there as well but had the opportunity to move into a bit better location and “bigger” house and took advantage of it a couple of years later. We had this idea dream that we…

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Proof that it was more than just coffee

Whew… take a breath. It was only mere minutes after writing a bit about my cousin’s dad -a giant in the Oklahoma City Metro hospitality world – passing away that I got more hard news. I want you to meet Harry and Carol. They mean the absolute world to me and have been a fixture around EVOKE since basically the first day we opened in Downtown Edmond back in 2012. They were the sort of special guests that I could have only dreamed of for our little coffee company. They took care of our staff, knew our staff, kept up…

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Getting real: Free to invest and live big

Today, I’m going to tackle that first topic in this Getting Real mini series. I’m going to take a look at financial freedom – a simple idea that will allow for investment and the ability to live out those big dreams. What do I mean by that? Getting real with your finances is one of the best things you can do and, transparently speaking, we have just not done that great of a job in recent years. We can chalk it up to all sorts of excuses but when it all boils down, we have the ability to do better…

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Getting real: A mini series

Are you ok with me getting a bit transparent for a bit? I think it is important to put yourself out there when you are chasing something huge. It makes things a bit more real and my hope is that this might help you with your goals as much as it will for me. Here is the thing. I started trying to change my way of thinking in 2020. I am tired of thinking how great “it could be” and ready to actually see stuff happen – both personally and professionally. That being said, I figured I might has well…

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Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year

Thanks, everyone, for reading and being a part of this in 2020. 2021 is going to be special… I just know it. Let’s push on and see what huge things we can do……together. Let’s ride lots of bicycles and drink lots of coffee. Let’s see, respect, and appreciate as much of the land as we can. And… let’s learn learn learn. Have a Happy Holiday and a Merry New Year, friend. We’ll talk soon. Shoot me a message anytime.

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Just talking real life for a minute. Cool?

These are my boys. TUK is 10, Grey is 7. Park is 3. They are fierce little guys with different personalities that fit into the chapters of our lives as strong characters that our book deserves. Here is one thing though. They did not ask for this year to happen the way it did. They didn’t want to be out of school half the time. They didn’t want to miss our summer vacation or take a break from their friends. They did not really want to spend their days at home doing school work and sticking around the house. Here…