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You’ve been dying to know, haven’t you?

I get asked all sorts of questions about business, coffee, coffee business, start ups, community building….. I was thinking about this the other day and realized that maybe I could take some time and answer those questions you have been DYING to ask in blog form. Cool? So, here is the deal. I want to field your questions. All of them. Any of them. Those questions that you have been wanting to know the answer too for years. Those EVOKE questions. Why we did things that we did. Why we didn’t do things that seem to make sense. Questions about…

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Election Day: Nov. 3rd, 2020. It’s Tomorrow.

Early this year, I felt like saying yes and getting more involved. I’ve stumbled upon a fondness for public policy and strong communities – really wanting to do my part to help bring people and ideas together so help change this world. While most of this for me has been happening on a local scale (really working as much as possible to be a conversation starter in Downtown Edmond and beyond), I felt the need to step up on a broader scale as well. I read a post from Pete Buttigieg talking about poll workers and the need for a…

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