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Do you believe in the end of the story?

Both of you that read this blog probably know one thing by now: I get a lot of motivation from Jesse Itzler. In fact, when I log into Instagram on the daily, I look for his stories before I do anything else. I was doing just that a few minutes ago when I came across this quote from him:

“You have to believe in the end of the story”

Man. That got me thinking about all the stories I’ve been telling over the years. Stories that I have told about my businesses, my community, my goals. Stories that have been public. Stories that are just for me. Do I really believe in the way these stories end?

What stories are you telling?

For me, these stories are of community in Downtown Edmond. About the success of our real estate team and the good we can do for folks we have the opportunity to work for and agents we get to collaborate with. They are stories of health goals and financial freedom.

These stories have an ending that I haven’t reached yet. This week, I’m going to work on really believing how they will end. That they will end if I believe in that ending. That there is more to come.

Shoot me a note. Tell me your stories!

If you don’t already – go follow Jesse on Instagram. While there, follow his wife Sara, too!


  1. Andrew Veit Andrew Veit

    Is it possible to define our “end of the story”? Or is it a belief that our daily actions are trending us toward a general direction that seems right?

    • Ah! I think there are several ways this all can go! I think the main thing is, do you believe in the direction you are going, what you are doing, what good can come, and the process you have in place to get there? Is the “end” worth working towards? Do you believe that the way you define “the end” is achievable? For me, this sorta plays into what I ask my self 100 times a day:

      What is your goal?

      What are you doing RIGHT THIS SECOND to get there?

      If I don’t believe in how this all will end, what’s the point?

      • Andrew Veit Andrew Veit

        Agreed! Thanks for the post!

  2. There are so many thoughts, and quotes that come to mind from books I’ve read, and learned so much from… this is one;

    “Don’t skip to the end.”

    It’s a simple phrase that has brought about so much thought and emotion in my life as a father, friend, brother and partner – a human. It’s from a book called “Everything Happens for a Reason: And other lies I’ve loved”.

    It basically encompasses the idea that you have to embrace the suck… the small things; the hurt and silly things that make up life, and make it a struggle, a victory, and a beautiful mess – don’t skip to the end. Enjoy it for what it’s worth… believe in the end, just don’t skip to it.

    Cheers, brother.

    • Love this! I think this is a HUGE part for sure. The journey is what makes us stronger, wiser, better… Thanks for bringing this up.

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