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Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over One Day…

…or two. You deserve better treatment!

I’ve been doing my best to “be on” everyday while sheltering here at home. While it often feels like I’m being more productive than ever, that my content is better than ever, that my health is better than ever, some days can feel like a huge drag. Like a weight is keeping me underwater. No progress.

I have a schedule I’m trying to keep. I have 3 kids at home I’m trying to entertain. I have a business I’m trying to run with my wife as she is trying to keep the house and the kids and me all in line. These times are hard.

It’s ok!

For the past month, I feel like I have gotten better and better at the job that I’m supposed to be doing but keeping up the “let’s go” spirit day after day has been touch. There is no weekend. No change of days. Everyday you wake up and it is the same.

The family is all home. We aren’t leaving but to go on walks or rides, or to grab produce every few days…. It’s hard to even know what day it is.

You know what? It’s ok to feel this way. Give yourself a break – that’s what I keep reminding myself. We are in a time that, for those of us that work from home, is just different. Unless you are intentional, there is no shutting things off and the lines between work and play and family and health are all blurred.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to get it ALL done. You just don’t. Make a list. Get a couple of things done. Give yourself a break. Realize that your job now is more than just your work.

Focus on your routine and keep moving forward – even if it is little bits each day. You don’t have to do a years worth of work in one day just because you have time! Take a weekend. Take an afternoon. Do it for your health because without that, you won’t make it through.

Just Breath

It’s hard but open up those doors and let the sun in. Let the fresh air in. Don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t fit one more zoom call into your day or you just are not inspired to write that article or post that piece. It’s ok.

Get outside. Take a walk. Sit in the grass. Ride your bicycle. Play that guitar. Call a friend (not on Zoom). Write a note. Do something for you! Keep doing something little each day to help you fill up “those buckets” that are important.

Fill Your Buckets

You Didn’t Come This Far…To Only Come This Far.

Jesse Itzler, Build Your Life Resume

Jesse Itzler’s Build Your Life Resume has been profoundly impactful for me. I haven’t had a chance (YET!) to take the 8 week course but I follow him closing on Instagram and it’s inspiring. The simple plan? To fill three main buckets:

  • Business 
  • Mindset 
  • Wellness

He says to do 1 thing each day in each bucket to keep them filled. Always. I’ve been doing my best to focus on this simple (but not easy) task. I would encourage you to do the same – especially now.

Let Yourself Be Inspired

Find something that keeps you going. It will help I promise. Things you will do every day no matter what. The things that you decide to do so you don’t have to think about it when you wake up. The decision has been made!

Let’s keep rolling together. Let yourself be inspired and be there daily. Maybe it is a podcast or an Instagram account or an author or music – whatever! Just let it happen and be ok to slow down long enough during the day to open yourself up for it’s influence.

I’m going to talk a bit tomorrow about routines and what I do to keep myself in a sound mindset and out in front of these “hard” days as much as possible.

We are in this together!

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