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Election Day: Nov. 3rd, 2020. It’s Tomorrow.

Tom Rudman / AIGA Get Out the Vote 2020

Early this year, I felt like saying yes and getting more involved. I’ve stumbled upon a fondness for public policy and strong communities – really wanting to do my part to help bring people and ideas together so help change this world.

While most of this for me has been happening on a local scale (really working as much as possible to be a conversation starter in Downtown Edmond and beyond), I felt the need to step up on a broader scale as well. I read a post from Pete Buttigieg talking about poll workers and the need for a younger generation to step up to help. For some reason, I registered that day.

It felt right. It felt timely. I felt excited.

Well, that was months ago. I did the training. I got my assignment. I am headed to the polls really early tomorrow for at least a 12 hour shift helping people vote. All people. To say I’m anxious is an understatement for sure. I haven’t missed a voting day in years and I’m always really excited to get people to realize the pleasure it is to participate in all levels of election days.

Last week, I had to head to early voting as I will not be able to vote tomorrow in person. The lines were MASSIVE and after a bit more than 4 hours, I had my vote counted. I sat there in awe of the sheer volume of people that wanted to get their vote in early. I’ve NEVER seen that before.

I was taken aback

For three days in two locations in our county, the line was never shorter than 4 hours. 1 mile long. HUGE turnouts. That got me excited and anxious for Tuesday. Tomorrow. My first day as an election official / poll worker in an election that has huge stakes for so many people.

On November 4th we will all wake up to a new day. A new country. A new time in history. We will wake up knowing we were a part of the outcome (no matter how you vote) or not. I hope we will wake up with a hope for what’s to come and a new future. A hope for change and direction for a gap that seems to be getting ever wider.

Here is the truth. I have my hopes for who will win the contests I voted for. We all do. I wish our country wasn’t so divided. I wish it were simpler times.

Now, I just hope for some sort of progression. A show of American’s voting for their futures that know that we have to come together to make this a better country and world. That the effort matters. That WE matter. That our history has hurt so many but that our future doesn’t have to.

Go vote. Be a part of change.

Vote for the environment. The people. The best outcome for our country.

See you at the polls.

Poster above comes from AIGA:

This civic engagement initiative wields the power of design to motivate the American public to register and turn out to vote in the 2020 general election, as well as local elections to come. The core of the campaign is an online gallery of original, nonpartisan posters generated by AIGA members for printing and public distribution. It is vital to the spirit, impact, and accessibility of this campaign that posters are nonpartisan

@AIGADesign / #AIGAVote / #GetOutTheVote

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