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Photo cred: Mallory B.

It is funny how much more you remember when you begin to flip through the look book of time. That little spark that gets your heart and soul moving to a rhythm that you thought you had forgotten or that you didn’t even remember you ever had.

I can see it in my own kids – my oldest and his memories of “the shop” and growing up full blown a coffee shop kid.. My middle with so many little memories of his older friends and drinking hot chocolate and collecting bottle caps.. My youngest who never really even knew life at EVOKE..

These are all heart opening memories that I just don’t want to let go of.

A few days ago, I posted about this idea that I had to get the history.. the story.. the viewpoint.. of EVOKE through YOUR eyes. An ethnography of sorts. A perspective that might, along with my own, be a record of memories and stories for the future.

I wanted to give a quick follow up and ask again for your thoughts! You will notice that there is a new page above titled EVOKE: In OUR Words. This is where you can submit your posts.

Please note: I had some issues with the forms on this page when I first launched this post and if you sent one in, I probably did not get it. My apologies!

You can leave comments there, send me an email, or use the form – it should now work as it is intended to work.

Maybe your story isn’t about EVOKE but about the experiences you held while in that building or drinking that coffee..

Maybe it is a Downtown Edmond story…

Maybe it is who you met or why you met there..

Maybe it IS about EVOKE and what it means to you, your family and your friends..

I have gotten a few texts with pictures and notes and it has been so fun to read and remember. Thank you for those that have shared those with me. Keep them coming!

Social Media..

I made a commitment back in December to get off of Social Media. It has been everything I hoped it would be for more but also leaves me without the ability to see posts and stories there. So – using this site is going to be my outlet.

Thank you again to all that shared my last post on those platforms – it was a huge help and I hope that you might do it one more time at least here so we can begin to really collect and share these stories together.

Do you know anyone that might have a story to tell? Will you ask them to tell it?

Email or leave a comment – maybe we can meet up for an espresso and do this all more analog.

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