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Honestly? I’m sick and tired.

The truth?

I’m sick of living in a town that refuses to install crosswalks in front of all community schools under some lame excuse of a “gap study”.

I’m sick of living in a town full of parents advocating for child safety while running neighborhood stop signs, texting and driving, blocking what crosswalks we do have, and never yielding to pedestrians (even in front of schools).

I’m sick of people thinking the answer to traffic in town is to add streets and lanes.

I’m sick of people honking because I’m not walking fast enough across 5 lanes of traffic with my kids.

The truth? I’m sick and tired of the trajectory of car culture and how we talk about “urbanizing” districts while yielding to parking minimums and surface lots.

I’m sick of side paths and bicycle master plans being set aside when new roads are being installed.

I’m sick of all the development talk without notable action on the plans to move people from place to place, safely, and without a car.

I’m sick of all of this feeling like there is no end in sight.

I’m sick of City Council and City Staff not doing more to advocate for it. Yes, I know they are doing things, having meetings, and making plans but where is the change?

I’m tired of incremental reactions and ready for forward thinking decisions.

Most importantly, I’m tired of this rant. This vent. This never ending feeling that things won’t change. Not because they CAN’T change but because the people with money and power and platform haven’t done enough to demand that something be done. Now.

People matter most. In cities. In towns. In business.

Maybe I’m asking too much. Maybe I just live in the wrong place.

Either way, I’m just sick and tired.

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