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I don’t want to hear it (and you shouldn’t either).

I hear it a lot. I hear it at City meetings. When talking about opening new businesses. On bicycles and skis. At the dinner table with my kids.

I hear it everywhere and I decided something. I hear it because we aren’t willing to put in the effort to make it possible. It got me thinking to a time when I was sitting in a meeting with many of the City’s leadership staff. I remember telling one of them to stop telling me that what I thought was best was impossible but, rather, use that energy to tell me all the things I would need to do to make it happen – no matter how many steps and hoops would need to be covered.

It made me mad that someone would think that the lame excuse of impossible would get me to stand down and stop chasing something I believed in.

I was reading Yvon Chouinard‘s book, Let My People Go Surfing and came across this quote. It has been a foundational piece in my brain ever since and now sits on my computers desk top image. Why? Because it takes the excuse out of “not doing” and gets to the heart of what is really at stake.

Rarely is anything impossible.

Stop for a minute before you say that again – in public forum or in private in front of your mirror. Dig in with yourself and decide if it is impractical. Or just really difficult. Or just too expensive.

Don’t cop out. Don’t hide behind the excuse of impossible.

Face it. Commit. Do it.

If it were easy it would be for someone else do to. Great things take effort. YOUR EFFORT and every bit of that is worth it. It is worth it to you and to all that will benefit from it.

Go crush something this year. Break out. Break free. Don’t wait on others because now it is your time.

Go crush your impossible.

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