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I’m not running for Edmond City Council.

The filing period for Candidates for Edmond City Council just opened. I’ve been getting lots of questions, texts and emails (thanks for the trust and support!!) about this and figured I’d just write this here:

I’m not running for Ward 1 City Council.

Here is the strange truth of it all. I went all in for Edmond back in 2011. I never thought I’d actually be saying that but it’s true. We moved to the downtown area after signing a lease for the space at 103 S Broadway where our coffee company would call home. Since then, I have committed to be a part of the structure of Downtown Edmond (Ward 1) and a voice of collaboration as often as possible.

I have enjoyed being a part of the process over the years and having a seat at the table with City leaders and staff has meant a lot to me. I have sat in countless City Council meetings over the years (you can’t know what’s happening if you don’t take those opportunities to be in front of those making decisions!), I was appointed to the Edmond Bicycle Committee as well as the Central Edmond Urban Board (which I now chair). I made a decision years ago that when it comes to Edmond, I would say yes as often as it made sense to do so. Over the years. I’ve had quite a few opportunities to say yes to other Edmond focused positions:

I love what we have accomplished in Ward 1 and in Edmond and think the future is bright but we have so far to go to be a more inclusive and equitable community.

We need housing… Connectivity… Accessibility… Collaboration… Environmental protection… Traffic calming… Smart development… Code Enhancement… and so much more.

But here is the deal…

Running for City Council is a huge job itself. While I’d love to see Ward 1 elect someone that has been a part of the fabric of this ward for as long as possible, I don’t feel like this is the time for me or my family.

There are others running that seem to do politics for a living and that is tough to challenge but also might put them in a great spot to fill the big shoes left by Councilman Chapman and Moore as they step down.

This is an important time for Edmond – especially Ward 1 – and I hope those running understand and are ready for the work ahead. I know they will be.

Good luck to all that decide to answer the door and put their name on the list for a council spot. That is a full time job with hardly any pay and lots of folks like to tell you how bad of a job you are doing. I appreciate every one of you and thank you for the work you are doing to make Edmond a more inclusive and equitable place.

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