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It was a good old fashioned street fight.

We always loved strange yard games at EVOKE. Horseshoes. Washers. Cornhole. Ping Pong. You name. So, a few years back, we decided we needed to host something for all of our friends. What better than a good old fashioned battle on the street?


Yep. The crew and I came up with this crazy idea to host a cornhole tournament outside on the streets of Downtown Edmond during the final night of Heard on Hurd in October. We researched official rules, court length, sign up forms and the works.

It was huge.

We charged $25 – $35/team and did a cash payout of $500 plus great prizes for the winner. The rest we donated.

Our great friend Colten Sikes make a video from two of these great evenings. Check them out below (I wish I could find the actual files so I could show them to you here but I can’t seem to find them anywhere but on Facebook. So sorry!).

EVOKE + Cornhole Evening 1

EVOKE + Cornhole Evening 2

We loved this evening each year and looked forward to it. Something about getting all the good people together, outside the shop, to drink beer and coffee while throwing beanbags around. Good stuff for sure.

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