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It was called SUPER. Of course we wanted it.

When we opened EVOKE in May of 2012, no coffee companies in the market (except for the big guys) were opened past like 5p – and that would have been late. I was sure they were all missing something and was confident enough to “change things” when it came to coffee drinking in the late night.

(Hell, I had been in Nashville for school and we’d hit up Cafe Coco which was open 24 hours a day. IT WAS ALWAYS SLAMMED!)

Well, we opened the doors and posted shop from 7a till Midnight. What were we thinking? HA!

EVOKE had a a great beer and wine list and we kept the kitchen open until the end of the day as well which seemed, on paper, to be the perfect plan to get students and others in the door until the wee hours.

Back in those days, Downtown Edmond was a pretty quiet place. There was VIN DOLCE across the street from us and Italian Jim’s a few doors down. As you can expect, getting people at EVOKE that late was tough. We like to say that you could have hosted a chess tournament in the middle of the intersection at 1st and Broadway and would never have to move for cars. It was a ghost town.

So, we would cut staff down to only two folks – one would cover drinks when they came up… one would sprint back to the kitchen if an order came through… we had it covered. BUT – we were also working long hours in the early days so we had to order food from time to time to keep us all happy that late.

Italian Jim’s had pretty damn good pizza at the time and it began to be our go-to late night fare. One evening, it was my turn to call in the order and I went back to the kitchen to call it in.

“Could I get a large pepperoni pizza, please?”

“Sure! Would you like to make that the Super Pepperoni?”

“Uh – not sure, do I? Sounds like I do….”

“100%. You forsure want the Super Pepperoni. It has WAY more of the good stuff.”

“Done then. Send us the SUPER!”

I have NEVER SEEN so many pepperonis on one pizza. Ever. Still to this day… It was UNREAL. You know when you buy a pack of pepperoni from the story and they are overlapping in the packaging? That is how it was but on a HUGE PIZZA.

I laughed every time I opened that box when we ordered it.

The Super Pepperoni. Those were the days…

Super indeed.

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