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It was noisy for sure.. but also super emo pop

Can we go WAY back – like 20 years ago back – for a minute? Before the coffee. Before the business stuff and mindset focus and city planning and community advocating. Back to a time when I played soccer and the piano. That far back….

I joined a few friends and played some music. I used to always tell people that we had a band and, finally, after a few years, we decided to make it official. We called this band Pattington.

I have no idea why we spelled it that way or what it really stood for but – you know…. high school.

It is funny how something that was such a big part of your life (music in this case) can fade away into something more over the years. I really always thought I’d be doing something in music. Not necessarily playing music but managing or something. Hell, that is what I went to Belmont University to study. The Music Business. In fact, EVOKE (or at least the early days of EVOKE) always had a music element. For a while, even. it was more music and art than it was coffee. Ha. Business, life, experience.. those are all strange how they mold and shape the future, right?

I’m not sure if I am embarrassed or stoked to find and remember these tracks – ha! But if I had get to listen to them again, you should also. This is a team sport of course.

My pal Brady who wrote most of this stuff with me dug DEEP to find these and, probably to my regret later, here they.

Your history tells part of your story. It is a part of who you are today. Good. Bad. It doesn’t really matter. Perspective is key and progression is the future. Don’t run from it. Embrace it. The only thing you can change starts now.

(Oh, and PS: I know what all my friends are getting for DIRTY SANTA next year — you know, if the holidays even happen ever again. Also in this PS… No, I did not have a beard in high school…. or a digital camera.)

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