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It’s 2023 and with that comes a bit of housekeeping.

Welcome to 2023. I hope it is a year filled with more than just resolutions. Change if you need it. A constant. Something new…

I wanted to do a bit of housekeeping today. I have added two new pages to this site: Media + Press and Reading List.

The Media + Press page is actually a journal (maybe mostly for me) that keeps track of opportunities I (and my businesses) have had to share our story with the wider public. I am still working on getting this list filled out and I hope that there are more opportunities for me in the future.

The Reading List page is just that: a page where I will be tracking books I have read, am reading, and plan to read in 2023.

I am taking a step back from Social Media for the foreseeable future so my hope is that it opens up time to write more here and to engage my brain as I work through the past, present and future.

My motto for this coming year? Be unrecognizable.

It starts today.

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