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It’s November.

I can’t even believe we hit November 1st today. What a crazy and fucked up sort of year we have had. It really only feels like last week when the world as we know it was turned upside down and we were left with to wade through a new reality using our own ability.

We have changed our perspective on life over the past few months. We’ve adapted. Regrown. Realigned. Reimagined. Reinvented and invested. We have all entered into this time in different spots and – I would argue – have the ability to come out on the other side stronger. Better. More equipped for life.

It’s November.

During the front half of this COVID-19 world, I tried to focus on being “here” with my kids and wife. I focused on health and wellness and trying to create new habits that are long term focused. During the past month or two, I’ve become a bit….passive in this thinking and my heart, mind, and body have felt the effects.

It seems relevant, then, to jump into another phase. A time to really focus on creating a stronger ME. I was scrolling through Facebook the other day (something I have actually also adjusted use of) and saw my friend Mishka Shubaly post a new monthly Challenge. The challenge?

#Novembrrrchallenge – 30 minutes of running/ reading/ writing every day yes. Yes, walk or bike if you can’t run. No, your regular steps in your day don’t count. Yes, write whatever you want but it’s 30 minutes uninterrupted. No, audiobooks or reading on your phone doesn’t count. I’m doing it, my mom is doing it, you are doing it

@mishkashubaly – instagram

A few weeks ago, I wrote a bit about my willingness to do the work. I wrote this in fact:

Are you willing to do the work? To chase after the details that others aren’t willing to do? Are you willing to do something you have never done to achieve a result you have never achieved?

Be willing. Do the work. Don’t disappoint tomorrow with bad decisions today. Surround yourself with people that can prop you up and keep you accountable — no matter if that is through Instagram, podcasts, books, your local running or cycling community, your coffee shop…. whatever!

Details matter most. Doing things right because you should matters.

Keep it up. 2020 is weird but we can end this year stronger and healthier than ever! We have 115 days left in this year. This is my public “I AM WILLING” statement to finish stronger than ever. 115 days. That’s it. We can do this.

Well, I’m not sure I really moved further as I had said and November (and this challenge) seems to be the perfect way to advance myself as a better, stronger, and more complete person, dad, husband, friend, and community member.

Join in. Commit to it. Jump in Mishka’s post and say it publicly. We are down to 61 days in 2020. That’s it. November is half of them. So, here is my commitment for November:

  • 30 Minutes of Reading (I have a huge stack on my desk!)
  • 30 Minutes of Writing (prepping these posts, thank you cards, etc…)
  • 30 Minutes of Running (I am added the alternative of riding bicycles)
  • CLEAN diet
  • Daily Meditation / stretching / simple core work

All in a mornings work. Let’s make November all about focus and strength.

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