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Just something pretty to hold your coffee

EVOKE Printed Cup Comp / 2019 / Designed by Scott Allen Hill

In 2019, we set out to do something we hadn’t done since we opened.. That was to get away from the rubber stamp on each take away cup and into something that would be a HUGE statement on the sidewalk as people left the shop. I loved this project and I think Scott Hill did an incredible job bringing it to life.

A Little History – Cool?

In 2011, we had this idea with our first NotNeutral order to have each size of cup (espresso, capp, latte, mug) all carry a different colored logo out of our brand deck. I thought that would be a super cool way to show off our brand color, add a splash to the shop, and make it a bit fun.

2012 EVOKE Brand Shoot

Well, because of the way these ceramic cups are made, the yellow, blueish, and other colors just wouldn’t keep after being fired so we were stuck with hard colors like red, black, blue… So, we decided to keep it simple and go with gray. Looking back, not sure I would do it that way again but you live and learn! (Years later, we did add way more black to our deck and that probably would have been the better choice then. No harm, though!)

The Stamped Cup


While we did our best to keep folks drinking in the shop out of cups we could wash and use again, we knew many would take their favorite to go. We also had a catering operation that was busy each week serving out of 8oz insulated paper cups so that was also on our radar.

Stamping cups was an easy and affordable way for us to keep our brand out t here while not having to commit to a large order of 3 different sizes of cups and having cash tied up in inventory.

We did a pretty good job keeping our stamp clean and looking good (for the most part) but it never felt like what I wanted it to. I wanted something BIG and LOUD.

For months, we worked trying to figure out how to bring these branded cups to life. We thought about just doing 8oz since that would work with catering, too, but it was a little used cup at the shop. After working on this for quite some time, my time ended as the leader of EVOKE and we never brought this project home.

Maybe in the future?? We’ll see what is in the works with the new crew!

Keep Dreaming

This isn’t the only project we worked on that never got to see the light of day. In my mind, if you aren’t dreaming, scheming, designing, planning, hoping…. then what are you really doing?

I’m sure our graphic designer got tired of all the tangents but – that is how my mind works and I think it was for the better.

(I still dream of seeing people walking around with one of those full color EVOKE cups!)


  1. mallory mallory

    those are sick!!

    • Would have been soo good to have been able to actually print them!

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