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Long Time No See

Hey friends.

It’s me. Jason.

It has been a LONG struggle to figure out how to get that dumb SSL Certificate re-installed so that this site would load and I finally get it done. Finally.

You remember when “blogs” used to be easy? You know, you’d jump over to Blogspot or something and post away?? Yeah – that is not how it works now.

Anyway, happy to have it up and running and I’m sure you both are ready to hear more from my rambling mind.

Tons has happened since I last wrote and I’m trying to get some posts up and out for you in the coming week or so.

How have you been? Can’t wait to hear from you.


  1. Kyle Hood Kyle Hood

    Dude. Want to hear all about the last few months. It’s looked awesome. We should make food soon.

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