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Looking Back And Smiling.

It was 2012 and a day I never thought would actually happen. My wife Jenni and I had worked for SO MANY YEARS to create this space we called EVOKE. It was going to be a place for coffee. For people. For friends. For life.

As we were building out our location in Downtown Edmond, we had some friends film some of the details. I would have said things different today but that is how life goes. You grow. You learn. You appreciate far more than you ever knew you could. It was a dream time for us and EVOKE and a time I hoped we would look back on with huge smiles.

Good news. We do!

This was our story at Day 0. I’d love for you to watch with me!

Looking Back – Dreaming EVOKE

Even now, nearly a year out of full ownership of EVOKE, I love every corner of that place. I miss it in ways that I did not know were even possible a year ago but also love watching it continue to forge forward in it’s own way.

I’m still sipping slowly, often, and forever.

Cheers, friends.

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