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Our Mona Lisa. The Crown Jewel. The Coffee Super Charger. EP Build #24.

EVOKE + Espresso Parts Custom Build #24

Back in 2011, we began talking to our now great friends at Espresso Parts about a custom espresso machine and grinder kit for the new EVOKE in Downtown Edmond. The design of our shop was going to be pretty minimal and we wanted a statement “art” piece to really stand out. We knew they would deliver something incredible.

(from a 2015 post over at

“This custom project takes us back to 2012 and this stunning build for our good friends at Cafe Evoke, Oklahoma City, OK. Trailblazers in the specialty coffee scene of Oklahoma City, Cafe Evoke put “The Big Friendly” on notice when their cafe opened in 2005.  Today their stunning shop still stands as a beacon for third wave coffee and they’ve expanded their offerings to include catering services via their tricked out Sip Truck! Next time you’re in OKC make sure Cafe Evoke is your first and last stop!

This job included a three group La Marzocco Linea with matching Mazzer Roburs; two-tone powder coat body color with matte finish. Matching grinders with rally stripping. Custom graphics and wood badges”

We began talking through what options might be possible and met with our graphic designer a few times to ensure that whatever we did would still be on brand. We came up with this two color idea in powder coat finish – something I hadn’t seen yet.

I remember when we began working on the grinder design that I wanted to see vertical striping to go along with the custom wood badges they designed for us. They gave me such a hard time for the “racing stripes” but I loved them and I know they did, too, because they did several other builds with the same sort of design – cafe racer if you will – after ours.

This was an awesome project and one of my favorite parts of our build out. That machine was something I had waiting for YEARS to say I owned and the crew at Espresso Parts delivered in a way I could only dream of.

The AquaMan theme of this machine matched the yellow that we used in the sprinkler system piping of the shop – another one of my favorite design elements of EVOKE and the blue just felt so wild on the bar.

When I saw them put the final EVOKE logo on the back – it just felt right. It was also very cool that this became their postcard that when into every order that went out from EP for a few months. Seeing that picture on other bars across the US was pretty fun, too. It was a conversation starter for sure.

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