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Own it. Then get to work changing it.

Here is some truth for you. I’m crazy passionate about certain things. I speak what is on my mind. I talk too much. I have strong opinions. I like to have a path forward and to the top. I’m owning it.

Now it is time to start making some changes.

No, I do not want to change who I am but I DO think it is time to change how I operate. To be better at being a part of the team. To be more supportive. Happier. To receive a dose of what I preach and starting taking a bit of my own advice.

This is my own sort of personal call out.

You see, I follow a pretty simple motto that I’ve talked about often: Collaboration over Compromise. I believe fully that delivery is key when it comes time to make team decisions and to step out on the edge and lead an organization.

I was over on LinkedIn the other day and saw this meme.

Am I helping bring trust, respect and care to the team? Most often it is not that the content of my comments if bad but if delivery is not thought though, it won’t land. That is going to change.

Accountability is hard. It is hard to give and really hard to receive. But it is crucial for us to be a part of and be willing to put our neck out there. Your team deserves it, Your organization deserves it.

I don’t know exactly how to change it but that is my task and to-do list. I feel strongly that I have something to contribute and give and it feels like the perfect time to step up and get better.

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