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Proof that it was more than just coffee

Whew… take a breath. It was only mere minutes after writing a bit about my cousin’s dad -a giant in the Oklahoma City Metro hospitality world – passing away that I got more hard news. I want you to meet Harry and Carol. They mean the absolute world to me and have been a fixture around EVOKE since basically the first day we opened in Downtown Edmond back in 2012. They were the sort of special guests that I could have only dreamed of for our little coffee company. They took care of our staff, knew our staff, kept up…

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What’s left when you have already had your DREAM job?

I can remember finishing up high school and headed to college. I remember thinking that everything I had been doing and would be doing for the next few years would put me on the path towards that dream job.. that dream career. I often thought about the first day walking into that roll that I had been working so hard to get to. The people I had met and would be meeting. It feeling all real and exciting and scary. I was lucky enough to walk right in to my dream job right out of college. Mine happen to be…

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Getting real: Free to invest and live big

Today, I’m going to tackle that first topic in this Getting Real mini series. I’m going to take a look at financial freedom – a simple idea that will allow for investment and the ability to live out those big dreams. What do I mean by that? Getting real with your finances is one of the best things you can do and, transparently speaking, we have just not done that great of a job in recent years. We can chalk it up to all sorts of excuses but when it all boils down, we have the ability to do better…

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Getting real: A mini series

Are you ok with me getting a bit transparent for a bit? I think it is important to put yourself out there when you are chasing something huge. It makes things a bit more real and my hope is that this might help you with your goals as much as it will for me. Here is the thing. I started trying to change my way of thinking in 2020. I am tired of thinking how great “it could be” and ready to actually see stuff happen – both personally and professionally. That being said, I figured I might has well…

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So what if it takes 30 years

The Queens Gambit. We have all heard of it by now. The series that took Netflix by storm and set all sorts of records. I had never heard of it before the evening I was aimlessly scrolling though the menu looking for something to watch. I was hooked (as it turns out most people where). Then, it came out that this film had been in the works for quite some time… 30 years in fact. That is impressive. Not that it took that long to make but that the creator believed in the work enough to stick to it. That…


2021. We made it.

We made it to 2021. I sorta always knew we would but I also knew that we would all be different. Broken down. Hopefully rebuilt. Ready to tackle what is ahead because, deep down, we all know that is exactly what we have to do. I am not much for New Years Resolution. They have always been crazy hollow for me. BUT – I know this year can be the year for me to change and grow and be ready for all that life will throw my way. It can be THE YEAR for my kids. It can be THE…


It was noisy for sure.. but also super emo pop

Can we go WAY back – like 20 years ago back – for a minute? Before the coffee. Before the business stuff and mindset focus and city planning and community advocating. Back to a time when I played soccer and the piano. That far back…. I joined a few friends and played some music. I used to always tell people that we had a band and, finally, after a few years, we decided to make it official. We called this band Pattington. I have no idea why we spelled it that way or what it really stood for but –…

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Just something pretty to hold your coffee

In 2019, we set out to do something we hadn’t done since we opened.. That was to get away from the rubber stamp on each take away cup and into something that would be a HUGE statement on the sidewalk as people left the shop. I loved this project and I think Scott Hill did an incredible job bringing it to life. A Little History – Cool? In 2011, we had this idea with our first NotNeutral order to have each size of cup (espresso, capp, latte, mug) all carry a different colored logo out of our brand deck. I…


Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year

Thanks, everyone, for reading and being a part of this in 2020. 2021 is going to be special… I just know it. Let’s push on and see what huge things we can do……together. Let’s ride lots of bicycles and drink lots of coffee. Let’s see, respect, and appreciate as much of the land as we can. And… let’s learn learn learn. Have a Happy Holiday and a Merry New Year, friend. We’ll talk soon. Shoot me a message anytime.

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