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Preview Day: April 28th, 2012

April 28th, 2012 – captured by Jenni Duncan

It had been YEARS in the making – really. Draft after draft of our business plan. Meeting after meeting with mentors and friends and advisors. Denial and denial with bank and SBA on loans. We got knocked down. We got up. We worked on this dream day in and day out. Everyday. For years.

It was late April and we were behind our target open date – as you would expect. We had to get opened and we had to do it ASAP. I was in Reno, NV helping my pals at Old World Coffee launch their new coffee catering biz (also, go visit them. They are absolutely crushing it in cafes, roasting, and everything else now!) and Jenni and Johnny took on the preview of EVOKE.

We quietly opened the doors on a Saturday – to try and get folks to swing through before or after the Edmond Farmers Market for a taste and a chat.

April 28th, 2012 – 8 years ago.

So much has happened in the past eight years. We built a family with everyone that came to sip coffee and eat waffles – a family of regulars, first timers, and baristas that watched our kids grow up (and two of them enter this world), we’ve lived in 3 houses, we’ve celebrated huge achievements and came together over great loss.

I won’t ever forget all the people that really made EVOKE what it became.

The people.

Thanks to all that embraced it then, now, and in the future. I have so many stories to tell about these people and that is what this blog is all about! I can’t wait to continue diving in to all the dusty corners of this journey and what I learned.

Happy Preview Day EVOKE!

It all started on this day in 2012. What will the next 8 years hold? We hope the people continue to write that story. May 1st was your grand entrance but to those that came in to say hi and give us high fives a few days before – we owe ya!

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