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Proof that it was more than just coffee

Harry and Carol @ EVOKE

Whew… take a breath.

It was only mere minutes after writing a bit about my cousin’s dad -a giant in the Oklahoma City Metro hospitality world – passing away that I got more hard news.

I want you to meet Harry and Carol. They mean the absolute world to me and have been a fixture around EVOKE since basically the first day we opened in Downtown Edmond back in 2012. They were the sort of special guests that I could have only dreamed of for our little coffee company.

They took care of our staff, knew our staff, kept up with our staff.

They celebrated big days with us and held us close on hard ones.

They watched all of my kids grow from tiny to the little dudes they are today.

They invested in the people around them.

They held us all accountable to the bar in service and quality we set for ourselves at EVOKE.

They cared about us.

Bought stuff from us.

Gave us feedback (even when it was tough because we dropped the ball) and compliments.

Harry and Carol: the ultimate relationship goal.

H+C have been coming into Evoke since day one, and there are few people like them who have taken the time and energy getting to know and personally investing in every member of our staff since that first day we opened our doors back in 2012.

We ❤️ you two! Next drip coffee and mocha is on us, friends.

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@cafeevoke | Instagram | Nov. 12, 2017

We always called them the grandparents of EVOKE. I hope they both knew how endearing that was and how important they are to us. They were ones that I didn’t want to let down when we sold the company in 2019 and people I felt like I needed to tell face to face over coffee (which, thanks to emergency surgery right at that time I did not get to do). I know I didn’t let them down and I know they continued to be a sort of clue in the community around EVOKE and Downtown Edmond with the new ownership.

This week, Harry passed away.

Harry was bigger than life to me. We talked about bicycles (which is rode ALL THE TIME. He was always asking about my rides and what my plans were), climbing, Montana, the Oklahoma FreeWheel, coffee, news, life… He split his time between our cafe and others and I know that those behind any bar that had the chance to serve him would agree: He was one of the best folks around.

I still hear his words in my head all the time…

“Hi Jason!”

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Harry and Carol at some point and I’m completely heartbroken that he passed. This week. During a time that I can’t give huge hugs.

Harry and Carol are always my reminder that this whole EVOKE thing was always more than coffee. I don’t miss the coffee but I sure as hell miss the people.

To Carol.

Jenni and I love you dearly. We are really sad. We want you to know how much you and Harry mean to us and how much we thank you for the investment in our little dream but most importantly the people that helped us make it happen.

We won’t soon forget Harry.

And Carol – You better believe we will be counting down the days until we can see you again and remember all those great times over coffee. A mocha for you and a drip in honor of our dear friend and your right hand man.. Harry.

Love you, Harry.

You were EVOKE. Carol, you are EVOKE. WE ARE EVOKE.

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