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Set it in stone. Measure the results.

Goals. We talk about them, read about them, hear about them, avoid them, and loosely set them all the time. Sometimes, when we are lucky, we even reach those goals! But what if it didn’t have to be about luck all the time?

I mean, let’s face it…. we are setting a goal to focus on something, right? Something that we have not be able to achieve on our own or without a set plan. Something we probably care about (or need to care about). Something that we need to focus some energy and attention to. In fact, Dictionary,com defines the world goal this way:

[ gohl ] the result or achievement toward which effort is directed

Pretty simple idea right? Set a goal and get there. Easy. NOT SO FAST.

The reason we set goals is that deep down we know we need help getting there. It could be to loose weight. To gain financial freedom. To get that dream job or to complete that super tough bike tour. We wouldn’t even be setting a goal (or calling it that) if we just had to jump in the car quick or google something, right?

Here is the deal: The process actually is simple. Set that goal in stone and then be measure to measure your results along the way!

It isn’t easy but it is doable for you, me, and anyone else that tries it. Write it down. Tell a friend. Make it official so that you have some accountability. ASK FOR IT!

Then, forget about it and follow the plan to get to that goal no matter what. I have quoted this to myself SO MANY TIMES lately and it is from Jesse Itzler:

“Don’t compromise your goals.”

Set those goals in stone.

Can I get personal just for a minute (speaking of accountability)? Here is the thing… I’ve had the same few goals for quite some time now. I make big gains and take big steps back. That is part of the process but the treadmill of mid cycle goals is not where I want to be and I’m mostly finding excuses. So, I came up with a simple question / answer for myself and I’ve had the inner dialogue so many times in the past week it is funny. I ask myself this:

“What is your goal?”

I give a specific answer

“What are you doing RIGHT THIS SECOND to achieve it?”

I, again, give a specific answer and if I find myself sitting on the couch, scrolling instagram or facebook, or otherwise not doing something productive, I snap out of it. If I am DOING SOMETHING, I say what I’m doing and get a bit of life in me.

Write down your process and your plan and make it habit. Then, write down the results as you go. Watch it happen. Watch it highs and the lows. Don’t get discouraged. KNOW that you have what it takes and that all you have to do is execute. If you do, you will win.

For me, this has been HUGE. Try it for yourself. Shoot me a message and tell me how I can help. Reply in the comments. DO something to get going.

I’m tired of not reaching my goals and not being able to set new ones. I’m not waiting until January 1st. I’m done settling for less than I can be. I hope you are, too.

Let’s do this, together.

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