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So what if it takes 30 years The Queen’s Gambit

The Queens Gambit. We have all heard of it by now. The series that took Netflix by storm and set all sorts of records. I had never heard of it before the evening I was aimlessly scrolling though the menu looking for something to watch. I was hooked (as it turns out most people where).

Then, it came out that this film had been in the works for quite some time… 30 years in fact. That is impressive. Not that it took that long to make but that the creator believed in the work enough to stick to it. That is huge. I can relate. I know he was told NO so many times. He was told to give it up. To let it go. To move on to something else.

Boy would that have been a huge mistake – one that we all would have missed out on. Isn’t it great how many times these stories come to light? Maybe it is telling us something about determination. Grit. The drive to see the finish line and to to tell a story you believe in…. your story.

“There is an obvious lesson here: almost nothing that appears to be an overnight success actually is. In most cases, like The Queen’s Gambit, things that seem to appear from nowhere and rise to immediate success actually take a lot of hard work over a long period of time.”

Inc. Magazine

Tonight, I was reading Inc. Magazine and came across a piece talking about The Queens Gambit. I love this magazine for lots of reasons and it was a big part of my daily time spend during college when planning my own business.

This had me taking a deep dive into my own work now that my time with EVOKE is over. What am I working towards? How am I demonstrating perseverance these days?

Well, our real estate team has one real goal: to help make the real estate journeys our clients embark on a little easier. To work alongside them. To help them make decisions they will love for years to come.

30 years it took for this show to be produced and put out on screens for us all to indulge (in 1 night). So much back work. So much preparation. But, for this one, just the right amount of time.

I began thinking about how this relates to what we are doing in Real Estate with the Duncan Group and with Engel & Völkers in Edmond and it became pretty clear: sometimes it is worth slowing down and doing this real estate thing correctly.

Through this lens, that could mean waiting an extra week or two to make sure your home is in perfect shape to list. To get it looking it’s best and ready to welcome it’s new owners. It could be slowing down and making sure your financial “ducks” are in a row and that you know your full financial picture before throwing offers into the wind.

These are dreams we are working with here. Dreams are worth doing right. The effort is worth it. We don’t expect your real estate journey (or whatever else you are working towards!) to take 30 years but…. who cares if it does. We will work right next to you as long as it takes.

There is an obvious lesson here: almost nothing that appears to be an overnight success actually is. In most cases, like The Queen’s Gambit, things that seem to appear from nowhere and rise to immediate success actually take a lot of hard work over a long period of time.

Inc. Magazine

What are you planning? Dreaming? Scheming? Don’t worry about the duration. Just know you are on the path until it happens and keep moving forward. Keep progressing. Keep believe because what you are doing matters and the world needs to see it.


  1. Andrew Veit Andrew Veit

    Really encouraging post. Never seen Queen’s Gambit myself but I’ve heard plenty of other similar stories. I feel like consumer culture buries the narratives of these long term projects because we don’t care about the means by which these projects happen, we just care that they please us. And when they stop pleasing us, we so easily throw them to the wayside. What will Queen’s Gambit be in 2, 5, 10 years? A production people were once obsessed about on Netflix? Or can we slow down and really appreciate something beautiful that was long in the making and required a bunch of hard work.

    • I think the part we can’t control is longevity for others. BUT – we can embrace the journey we (the creator) took to make it happen and the gains we got along the way will reach much further than the public’s interest (in the case that it is somehow forgotten) because we have grown and learned and created and contributed to the greater good.

      To me, this is much more about the creator’s gain than mine as a fan of the series.

      I, too, though hope that you are right. That we can slow down and enjoy, appreciate, and admire great things along the way!

  2. Andrew Veit Andrew Veit

    Agreed! So much is gained from the journey. Public interest? Bonus!

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