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What a dumb idea. No one will eat it.

I’m pretty sure this is how it happened. Maybe I’m going to make it more of a story than it really was but.. yeah, this is how it happened… Waffle Sandwich – the legend of EVOKE. Maybe the most popular thing on the menu and for sure the most popular personality at EVOKE (except maybe Kyle.. everyone liked Kyle, too….) Here are the characters: An EVOKE House Waffle.. Pesto Mayo.. Ham (and then at one point Turkey) and then Ham again (<– supply chain? Boredom? Who knows…) Egg.. Swiss Cheese Here is how I remember it all going down. We…


Wait! I have never talked to you about 1708?

On Sundays (ok, really it isn’t EVERY Sunday but we do try to make it a weekly thing), a group of us and our families meet at Arcadia Lake in Edmond for coffee and trail time. The organizer of this whole deal is my good friend Josh McCullock. Yesterday, as we were slow rolling at the vans getting ready to go ride a lady was talking to Josh and mentioned his office in The Plaza District. All of that to say…. I woke up last night with this strange thought that I have never told you about 1708 – our…

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It is funny how much more you remember when you begin to flip through the look book of time. That little spark that gets your heart and soul moving to a rhythm that you thought you had forgotten or that you didn’t even remember you ever had. I can see it in my own kids – my oldest and his memories of “the shop” and growing up full blown a coffee shop kid.. My middle with so many little memories of his older friends and drinking hot chocolate and collecting bottle caps.. My youngest who never really even knew life…

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Why call it EVOKE?

The Definition Probably one of the questions I get more than any other is why we called it EVOKE. What does that even mean? Is that a good name for a coffee company? Coffee isn’t in the name….. I’ve heard it all! When we set out to build this company, we wanted it to mean more to people than just a place to grab a cappuccino or espresso. We wanted to challenge thought, action, and comfort when it came to ideas and creation. When we set out to build Cafe Evoke, we wanted it to feel different. There are actually…

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