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We wanted to create a place that takes you somewhere.

“We wanted there to be a story behind everything that we do” I came across the build out video we had our good friend Chris Fox film for us while we were working on EVOKE the other day and he gracious dug around for the full files for me. When I take the time to go back and rewatch this sort of thing, it brings back so many memories. I’ll keep this one. Go check out this video from the build out phase of EVOKE. What times.


Preview Day: April 28th, 2012

It had been YEARS in the making – really. Draft after draft of our business plan. Meeting after meeting with mentors and friends and advisors. Denial and denial with bank and SBA on loans. We got knocked down. We got up. We worked on this dream day in and day out. Everyday. For years. It was late April and we were behind our target open date – as you would expect. We had to get opened and we had to do it ASAP. I was in Reno, NV helping my pals at Old World Coffee launch their new coffee catering…

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Mini Series: Be Brave Enough To Tell Your Story. Part 3

(Here is the final segment to this series on being brave enough to tell your story. If you missed any of the others, catch part 1 and part 2 before reading!) For days after that, I felt a bit lost. Were we doing the right thing? Was this the place for us? Were we strong enough to be a leader in this environment? Were we really prepared? After a few days, it clicked. Yes. We were all of those things and we could do this. We stood up to the firing squad. We asked for feedback and were willing to…

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Rally For Coffee

#rallyforcoffee – happening on April 11th, 2020 The coffee industry is in the middle of a crisis and they need our help. Coffee shops and their employees have been devastated by the effects of COVID-19 and social distancing measures. That’s why we’re asking everyone to #RallyforCoffee on Saturday, April 11th by making a purchase online or for takeout at your local coffee shop. Today, I saw another really cool initiative launch called Rally For Coffee. Backed by a great group of people, Created Co, this movement is all about creating action on a single day to show the coffee…

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So, When Is The Right Time?

My name is Jason Duncan. A guy from Oklahoma that has always run 100 miles an hour into the things I believe in. It was my senior year of college when I started writing the first version of A Thought Over Coffee. I remember sitting in an entrepreneurship class at Belmont University listening to my professor, Dr. Jeff Cornwall, talk about his blog, The Entrepreneurial Mind. What the hell was a blog? Never had I heard of those before. Twitter wasn’t a thing. Facebook wasn’t a thing. All I knew about what AOL Instant Messenger. Blog? Turns out, a blog…

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