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It is funny how much more you remember when you begin to flip through the look book of time. That little spark that gets your heart and soul moving to a rhythm that you thought you had forgotten or that you didn’t even remember you ever had. I can see it in my own kids – my oldest and his memories of “the shop” and growing up full blown a coffee shop kid.. My middle with so many little memories of his older friends and drinking hot chocolate and collecting bottle caps.. My youngest who never really even knew life…

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Preview Day: April 28th, 2012

It had been YEARS in the making – really. Draft after draft of our business plan. Meeting after meeting with mentors and friends and advisors. Denial and denial with bank and SBA on loans. We got knocked down. We got up. We worked on this dream day in and day out. Everyday. For years. It was late April and we were behind our target open date – as you would expect. We had to get opened and we had to do it ASAP. I was in Reno, NV helping my pals at Old World Coffee launch their new coffee catering…

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