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Social Capital: We Need It Now More Than Ever

Right now, we are hearing it all over the place. Where do businesses find capital to keep going. To pay employees. To keep vendors relationships right. To sustain. But something I barely hear about is how to retain our social capital in times like these. For those of us that are wading through hard times with small businesses, the social capital account will end up playing as much of a role as our bank account and the cost of it entering the negative are just as high. Social Capital: the networks of relationships among people who live and work in…

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So, When Is The Right Time?

My name is Jason Duncan. A guy from Oklahoma that has always run 100 miles an hour into the things I believe in. It was my senior year of college when I started writing the first version of A Thought Over Coffee. I remember sitting in an entrepreneurship class at Belmont University listening to my professor, Dr. Jeff Cornwall, talk about his blog, The Entrepreneurial Mind. What the hell was a blog? Never had I heard of those before. Twitter wasn’t a thing. Facebook wasn’t a thing. All I knew about what AOL Instant Messenger. Blog? Turns out, a blog…

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