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The one powerful thing I’ve been doing all wrong…

I was sitting down at my desk trying to figure out what I should work on next. Refreshing my five email accounts every 30 seconds waiting for that next message I was sure was going to pop up. The one that was going to change everything.

It was during one of those times when I then went to refresh my Instagram feed and a quote from one of the folks I read often (Jesse Itzler) popped up and smacked me in the face….

“People are always waiting for something to happen before they change their lives. But they have it backwards; when you change your life, big things are more likely to happen.”

Read that again (and then repeat the rest of today, really)….

I sold my company in 2019. Basically the one thing I went 100mph after without ever stopping or looking around. It was my “all in” and how I was going to reach the sort of success I had defined for myself.

But after I sold it, I was left not having any clue what would be next. In my head, I would have a few job offers from colleagues or vendors I had worked with for years… a client might have a spot for me.. I’d have decisions to make.

The realty? That never happened.

I did a great job sitting around and waiting for what was to come only to realize that it is now the middle of 2022 and I’m still sitting here “waiting for something to happen” that might change my life (or at least get me to change it).

Why am I waiting around and what the hell for?? What do I even want to do?

Here is my focus list over the next month or two in order to change my life so that great things can happen:

1. Reclaim my morning routine.

Get back to the basics of a strong start and morning. It is a way to get the mind and body rolling in the proper direction and brings clarity to the other items that find space on my daily list,

2. Get healthy – mentally and physically.

Get back on track and make sure I am taking care of my whole body each day. Get out for some miles on the trail by bike or foot.

3. Ask the experts.

Why does this one feel like the hardest thing ever?? Get help. Ask the experts. The career coaches. The resume writers. My network! Ask questions like

What things should I focus on and what is noise?

What parts of my past coffee story translate to my next adventure?

How do I tell my story of business conception, launch, growth and sale into relatable experience with a new employer?

What is my resume / cv missing and how can it be stronger?

How do I train to become a great employee after years of self employment?

How do I regain that entrepreneurial fire I had for so many years?

4. Don’t Quit.

I have applied for A LOT of jobs in the past two years. Jobs that I felt WAY under qualified for as well as entry level positions that are 100% in my wheelhouse and expertise with the same reply…. That’s fine. It is my job to keep going.

5. Keep Learning.

The more I can learn, the more open I can become to being a great addition to my future company, team, employer, client and customer.

Do you find yourself in that boat? What are you going to do to fix that? My encouragement for you is to keep your head up and stay strong. This is a season and if you can change something in your life today – no matter how big or small – it can open doors you might never have even known where there.

Let’s do this together. You. Me. Ping me.

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