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The OTHER party you won’t want to miss in November.

“Cycle 66 is an urban/rural bicycling tour along historic Route 66 and beyond. Beginning and ending in downtown Edmond, Cycle 66 offers four distinct routes for all experience levels and raises funds for worthy causes in our community, including the Oklahoma Route 66 Association and Autumn Life Behavioral Health Center.”

I know that November is typically reserved for a day over an over the top and to big of a meal along with a bit of shopping but….

The 2nd annual Downtown Edmond Bicycle Party – Cycle 66 – is happening in November and I’m happy to again have the opportunity to be a part of the planning and execution of this great event alongside so many other great event leaders and planners.

While this ride is only in its second year, the planning began more than 3 years ago when I was invited by now Mayor Davis to a meeting to discuss the feasibility of such an event in our community. Since then, so much has happened.

I have been the ride director for this ride and this year, our team was happy to be able to put together four routes:

The 66 Mile Fondo

The 33 Mile Fondo

The 10 Mile Group Ride

The Kids Loop – with the help of Bike Club! (<– man I’m STOKED for this and I probably need to write an entire piece about Bike Club)

This year, Cycle 66 has teamed up with Bike Lab / Velo to bring Downtown Edmond its first (that I know of) Criterium. I have been wanting to see bike racing in Downtown Edmond since they did an overlay of Broadway YEARS ago and I’m excited that Tony Steward and his team are putting this thing on during Cycle 66.

This is a massive event and one that we hope to see 800 or so riders PLUS those that are going to race. Our district will be shut down all day for the event and will be something you will for sure not want to miss.

Here are all the details you need:

Date: Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Time: 8:00a

Location: Downtown Edmond

Registration is open – Sign up today! (<– CLICK THIS LINK! Do it today and help us spread the word!)

I hope you will follow long over on Instagram as we talk more about this ride and all the things happening. It has been a ton of work by a ton of people and to see it take off the way it has is a very cool thing.

Not only is this a cool thing for the bicycle community in the Metro and beyond, it is a very cool thing for Edmond. I plan to have several posts coming soon about all that is happening in our district and some thoughts from the sidelines.

Let’s ride bicycles together. I look forward to seeing your name on the start list or at least with a drink in your hand supporting the race and ride on the day of the event.

See you in November.

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