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The tunes that made it all happen.

I think it was 2005. My wife Jenni and I had been working hard on the business plan for EVOKE. What was clear was that we needed to learn… alot.. about coffee. So, we loaded up and headed to Portland for a week at the American Barista and Coffee School (This would actually be a great stand alone post so I will talk WAY MORE on this in the coming days!).

This was my first time in Portland. My first time to really engage with the national coffee scene. So many firsts! But, this post isn’t about business planning or any of that.

It is about the music that was a HUGE part of my planning of EVOKE!

As it is for most people, music is always on around here. I will never forget when I first was introduced to Royskopp – A “two-headed Norwegian monster, dealing within the realm of contemporary electronic music.” This band ended up being a foundational sound during the early days of EVOKE.

We had finished up a long day of coffee business learning / planning / discussing and my buddy Matt (director of the school and now owner of Water Ave Coffee as well) had them playing in the car.

For some reason, this sort of music – especially Royksopp – just sounded like EVOKE. We always were trying to figure out what EVOKE would look like, taste like, smell like, sound like….. well, this just seemed to answer at least one of those questions.,

I’m not sure if others think about the senses of their businesses like we did for EVOKE but I hope they do! I still think about that stuff, ha! I mean, we spend so much time on design and what things look like but what they sound like is just as important, right?

What’s your soundtrack? I still love this but for the past two years, my mind runs on bluegrass. I know…. times change but your roots never leave you!

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