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There is NO PLACE like the Finish Line.

When you finish these events, you inspire EVERYONE around you.

There is no place like the finish line. A place that a few hours before was your start. Familiar but new. It transforms into something you can see and you can hear about but you can’t really FEEL until you have crossed it.

The physical space transforms… so that you can transform. At one moment, a starting line. Hours later… a finish. At 8:00a, you will start and suffer and think you will fail and you either will or you won’t. But you won’t because you are made for this. You are made for more than what your mind thinks you can do. You are made to crush the impossible.

The finish line is more than just a chance to stop and have a drink. It’s a place to summarize an entire day or an entire season.. an entire experience into feelings that words can’t really describe. It is your time to absorb the life around you.

It is addicting.

Life changing.

Yesterday was Jenni’s day on the bike. A chance to do something she has never done before. To ride her longest ride. To finish her first gravel event. To experience that finish line from the saddle and not on two feet as she has done with the 50K run twice now in Stillwater, OK. To add to the collection of memories and life inspiring experiences.

It was a day for her. 100%.

It was a day I won’t forget and I assume she won’t either. Watching her go to to work on those gravely hills mile after mile on her own. Out there doing her best to beat her goal time which she did. That is what this community is all about.

It felt like home.

It felt like it is supposed to feel and something I haven’t felt in quite some time. Watching all these riders doing what they love allowed me to remember that I used to also be all in. To see my friends having such great days means the world.

Maybe I still am.

Maybe I’m being selfish and the weekend was for me to regain what I know is still flickering deep inside. That desire to get out and ride. To be a part of the larger community of folks that are working together to make this space equitable and safe for everyone so that everyone else can, too, cross their finish line.

I didn’t ride yesterday but I gained so much from watching Jenni. I am immensely proud of her and grateful that she kept going.. kept pushing.. kept smiling from end to end until she hit 7th Street again.

When you finish these events, you inspire EVERYONE around you.

Thank you for that, Jenni, and thank you to the community of folks that make riding bicycles a place that feels like home – even when the season you might be going through feels far from it.

Jenni – it was YOUR day and it was so so good to watch. So stoked at your 59 mile finish and what doors it opens for you (and for me) in the future as we tackle other events. This weekend was special for me and I hope the start to many more weekends in the van.. on the bike.. and into the impossible, together.

See the entire party over on Instagram. There might not be better event coverage than what MidSouth Gravel gives us. HUGE props to my good friends in Stillwater.

*Bobby, Crystal, Sally, Josh, Trevor, Myla, Brett, Austin, Tyler… it was a perfect weekend. Jacey and Colten (and all the media team), you captured so much inspiration out on course and at the finish.. it is priceless.


  1. Mallory Mallory

    was hoping you’d share your perspective somewhere 🙂 so stoked for jenni. you are both inspiring to so many of us with the grit it takes to do the things you do and your willingness to bring others along with you.

  2. Katie McCullock Katie McCullock

    Beautiful words Jason! What a day. Watching Jenni finish the race along with countless others leaves me inspired. The Midsouth and events like it are truly special. I could stand at some finish line every weekend cheering people in, and occasionally be one of those being cheered in. Your wife is truly a badass! Love her.

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