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There is time to breath… maybe even dream?

A few weeks ago, I threw up a post on our real estate group’s Instagram showing a clip of one of our favorite buildings in Downtown Edmond. The building has been leased (although yet to be announced publicly who will call it home) but I asked folks to put on their development hat and fill that space with what they thought would be the BEST FIT for Downtown Edmond. I was curious. The responses were fun to read.

There are lots of things that make people excited. For me? Retail mix and community collaboration are two of them when it comes to districts like Downtown Edmond. We have the distinct chance to help shape the future of our little community here which not all people get to live through…

It is exciting.





and really anxious times. For me at least…

See, I had my own big vision and dream for Downtown Edmond when I opened EVOKE. I wasn’t the first. I won’t be the last. Now, we are watching several groups jockey for placemaking fame in our district and it feels like a demolition derby at times with so many figuring out what they think should be in their new buildings and with no real collaborative efforts within all the groups that own all the dirt (so to speak).

We have trends happening in what is opening. Coffee shops – check. Pizza – check. Tacos – check. check. check. check.

Take a breath.

All of this to say… let’s slow down. Breath. Allow ourselves to enjoy this time we have in our budding little neighborhood. I like to believe that we all have the best intentions for the future folks that get to enjoy our sidewalks long after we have gone and that now should be a time to celebrate where we have come from and where we are going.

Yes. There will be many that don’t like the change. The progress. The “forward” motion we are seeing right now and that has to be ok. Today is more then just parking and the other battles we are having to fight.

I’m going to post the same question here:

What do you want to see in Downtown Edmond as new buildings go up and old ones become available? Retail? Service? Food? Entertainment?

Comment below. Let’s talk.

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