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This is not the end of our story.

I talked a few days ago about this idea of living with less. A time to declutter physically but also mentally. Spiritually. Holistically. A chance to start anew and to really begin to feel the freedom to live out the life we have wanted to live. Dreamed to live.

I don’t know where I heard it but through the noise of an afternoon at the house, I remember hearing this quote. It popped in my head so clearly and I’ve been trying to unpack it ever since.

“This is not the end of your story.”

Feeling stuck. At a dead end. Uninspired. Buried. These are all things that this STUFF can push to the front of your mind. It clouds your vision. It changes your outlook on work, family, personal time. It stops hobbies and alters the very nature that makes you.. you.

This STUFF is not the end of your story. We’ve all been dealing with our own STUFF – I mentioned some of ours in that post the other day. The truth? Deciding to step up and say that your STUFF is no longer worth it OUT LOUD starts the process of breaking through. Of making the change. Of coming to terms with the idea that you can wake up and smile each day knowing that your mind is free to take on whatever the day decides to challenge you with.

You have pre-made tough decisions that you no longer have to worry about.

You have an end goal to shoot for everyday.

The momentum is forward no matter how slowly. It’s forward.

Here is the truth. My family is only a month in to this whole thing. We’ve been on the adventure of what I call the “easy stuff” – the deletion of the physical things that we haven’t used much, don’t need, that takes up space. I was hoping for a shift in the way I felt day to day as I was taking box after box after bag after box out of our home. I haven’t felt much different yet but I’m not here for the feeling of today. I’m here for the feeling of a week from now. A month. 10 years.

Here is the deal. This is not the end of my story. It’s the beginning. Maybe, in fact, my story hasn’t started. I have so much more to write and to feel and it starts with the clutter.

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