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Cafe Evoke / Downtown Edmond, Oklahoma

This year, I am allowing myself to be nostalgic which, if you know me at all, is something I’m pretty uncomfortable with. Call it living in the moment. Being unattached. I’m not sure.

I have really been pushing myself to remember. To remember all the things we got to do at EVOKE – the euphoric highs and the really tough lows. The relationships that we made. The coffees we drank. The excitement that got me up at 5a nearly every day for so many years. To remember the people that made EVOKE what is it both behind the bar and in front.

To remember the epic parties and tough meetings.

To remember those crazy menu ideas (you know, like that Waffle Sandwich and chocolate tray and table side s’mores….).

I want to write it all down BUT I need your help.

I know that not many folks read this blog and I’m really ok with that. To be honest, I’m writing here as much for me as for anyone else. BUT – I want to hear from you.

EVOKE: An Oral Biography

My stories and yours. Together. Incomplete. Volumes of tails and how things went. What EVOKE was to you. Raw and Uncut. The real stuff with no sugar or icing.

Will you email me? Send me your paragraphs, one liners, sentences. Whatever. Hell, put your stories right in the comments if you’d like. Maybe it will create some wild dialogue!

What was it like to Drink / Eat at EVOKE?

What was it like to work there?

How has Downtown Edmond changed?

How has coffee in OKC changed?

The parties?

The friends you met? Relationships that started and ended?

The music and sounds?

Please share this post.

I don’t want to ask a ton but I’d love 10 minutes of your thoughts. I’d also love for you to share this post. Writing about EVOKE is something I feel like will be an outlet for me in 2023 but hearing your thoughts and getting the true history of this coffee company and the people it was built on and for is the true narrative I’m after.

Maybe one day we can put all of our stories together and put it on the shelf at Common Place Books in Edmond or just on a dusty shelf under your TV for a rainy day. Both might be fitting.


Send Your Stories

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