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Uptown Espresso and that Velvet Foam.

Photo Credit: Uber Eats

Coffee post for you on this Friday! I bet you thought I did not write about coffee these days after the past few weeks. Sorry – coffee still is all over my brain and this morning it smacked me upside the head as I walked out on the sidewalk around 6:30a.

It never fails. When my feet hit the pavement in the early hours of a crisp, wet day, my mind ends up at Uptown Espresso – a long time Seattle coffee staple . that I guess is now owned by Fonte Coffee Roasters (that was news to me – ha!).


When Jenni and I first went to Seattle – I think maybe in 2004 or 2005, we stayed at Hotel Max – “a boutique hotel experience made for creators.” We love this hotel and have there often. We were there for Coffee Fest having travel up with the Bellissimo Coffee (more on this awesome coffee school is in my blog pipeline!) crew from Portland and I was so stoked to be there and getting my coffee feet wet.

I woke up early the first morning to that Seattle Rain.. I jumped out of bed and wandered down to the street to see what coffee I could find to start the day. I figured there would be something close by so I took a left from the front door and another left at the corner. I walked a block and saw Uptown Espresso.

1 barista. A huge line. No one stressed or pissed. This was what dreams were made of!

Anyway, Uptown Espresso hits my mind several times a year and I’m grateful for that first ever Seattle coffee sip. I’m grateful for that day. That trip. Those memories I’ll always hold close.

As they say…. a chilly wet morning EVOKES all sorts of feels.

OH! I nearly forgot! That Velvet Foam!

Uptown is known for this crazy thick and velvety foam on their lattes. It is that sort of foam that you can stick a straw in and it will stand on it’s own but it is still sweet and delish. It’s wild. They use these granite slabs to hold the picture and stretch it nice and….think. Yep. Wild!

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