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We Are All A Big Family

This post wasn’t really on my list of pieces to write but – what the hell. This is how my first attempt at blogging went, too, so why not live by the moment?

I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, ’Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.’

-Jim Carry

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about all the folks that spend their days serving great coffee beverages. I’ve been thinking about cafe owners who are working hard to keep the doors open, to keep the community space alive, to keep paychecks in the pockets of their staff, and to grow their businesses. I’ve been thinking about all that coffee has done for me and for so many others and what all this mess is doing to try and harm this industry.

The picture above was in March of 2017. A bunch of us threw a party for a bunch of our friends in OKC and surround coffee areas. We invited everyone over to our place. We had not a care in the world except having a good time with each other, having some drinks, high fives, and yelling at the top of our lungs while friends pour lattes and decide who can do it best.
You want to know what the coffee industry is all about? The people. And those people (like everyone, really) are hurting because they aren’t able to make you great drinks, tell you fun stories about these unreal coffees, and be a part of your daily story. They are hurting because they won’t be able to pay bills or put gas in their car.
Everyone is hurting. While I am no longer in operations at Evoke – that place still means the world to me. I still wake up at night thinking about the impact this company can have on our community. The people who duck in daily. You and your family. Our little spot in Downtown Edmond.
EVOKE, like others, made the impossible call to close until who knows when. Staff was laid off. Venders were put on hold. The ripples will be long and wide. I can’t even image having to make that decision. I often wonder what I would have done… I hope I would have made the same call as they did. The call to take care of my family and do everything I could to fight for a way to make sure they were all taken care of.
I remember this night in 2017. We were just kids throwing a party and having a great time with our friends. It was so simple and now it isn’t. I can’t fix it or do anything but wait and hope that one day the space between these walls gets filled again with the party that EVOKE has always stood for. That coffee stands for.
I’m hopeful. The fight is brewing. How we act and what we do now will tell our future. Shops across the country (the world, really) will fill up again soon. Count on it.
I miss my coffee family and all the people that made this thing what it is today. It wasn’t me or Jenni or anyone. It was The People. Always The People. You have all done so much for the current crew and all the coffee coffee and hospitality friends in metro during this time so far. Thank you. We are EVOKE.
What do you say we do it all again when this thing is all over?

Jim Carrey said the quote above. I like it but this is NOT going to be the time that we lose this. Maybe it is the beginning of something great. That is how I plan to view it.

Keep drinking coffee. Keep believing that we will make it through. Keep celebrating every win you can. Don’t sweat the little things. Let’s do this.

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