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We wanted to create a place that takes you somewhere.

EVOKE Build Out Film by Chris Fox

“We wanted there to be a story behind everything that we do”

I came across the build out video we had our good friend Chris Fox film for us while we were working on EVOKE the other day and he gracious dug around for the full files for me. When I take the time to go back and rewatch this sort of thing, it brings back so many memories.

I’ll keep this one. Go check out this video from the build out phase of EVOKE.

What times.


  1. Andrew Veit Andrew Veit

    Jason, so many great memories at EVOKE. I really miss seeing the coffee sloth on the wall. Thanks for creating a space that supported an infinite amount of meaningful conversation. And thanks for posting the video!

    • Thanks, Andrew! Those days under the original mural were pretty awesome!

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