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What’s left when you have already had your DREAM job?

I can remember finishing up high school and headed to college. I remember thinking that everything I had been doing and would be doing for the next few years would put me on the path towards that dream job.. that dream career.

I often thought about the first day walking into that roll that I had been working so hard to get to. The people I had met and would be meeting. It feeling all real and exciting and scary.

I was lucky enough to walk right in to my dream job right out of college. Mine happen to be my coffee company, EVOKE. But my thoughts this morning are on what you have left when that “dream job / career” is over. No, it doesn’t matter how it ends (a sale of the business like mine, getting fired, pr losing the doors for another reason, retiring…), at some point, we are all faced with a first day outside of that dream position.

So what then?

I’ve been wrestling with this for over a year now. To be frank, at first it felt deep and dark and unending. A life ahead trying to identify without the one thing that really was part of your life narrative. It wasn’t who I was but it for sure was a big part of my story. It did not define me but for sure felt closed without it.

I don’t think I could take a job after 15 years of personal fight if there wasn’t with a company with a mission worth fighting for.

It has left me knowing that whatever is next has to mean something, Be bigger than a paycheck or position or title. I don’t think I could take a job after 15 years of personal fight if there wasn’t with a company with a mission worth fighting for. I’ve also found out that the world doesn’t slow down or stop and wait for me. People are getting smarter and more connected as opportunities present themselves and while I know I have real work experience and something different to bring to the table, I have been on my own for years now… you know, before you could have a “major” in social media and that sort of thing!

So what then?

I have been applying for other “dream jobs” for months now and it feels ok to not get responses now that I understand that being patient and flexible and willing will at some point pay off. Dream jobs are tough to just apply for. They normally take working from the bottom someplace and putting in the work.

To get on with a company like Specialized, Patagonia, or Adventure Cycling or IMBA or USA Cycling or one of the awesome coffee communities or none profits focusing on people and our planet would be an incredible second go at it. I know I can do it.

Here is the truth.

I love working with my wife Jenni and serving our clients through our real estate team the Duncan Group @ Engel @ Völkers but, in truth, I miss creating space for people. Space to engage, challenge, and welcome in people from all over. I miss pushing folks to reach that potential, to reset their “impossible,” and fulfill their idea of success.

I love the “volunteer” opportunities I have taken but I’m ready for them to be more than that. I’m ready to contribute in a way that is both valuable for my community and for others as much as it is for my family and me.

I will have a chance again – I know I will. There are for sure days that feel like maybe I am just at the bottom of the chain again with a chance to restart and start new. To recreate and re-envision my tomorrow. As I make my kids say everything:

The effort is worth it.

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